Powerful voice, vibrating rhythms combined with the elegance of which you can only dream of. 2013 singer-songwriter Inna Siegrist presented her new album, video and concert program with a spectacular dancing show "Feels like".

Since 208 Inna lives and works in Switzerland. Here she recorded her second Album „So new“ with Tom Jackson (who discovered the legendary „The final Countdown“), here her song „You fall“ became the anthem of the project "We care. YOUR click for a world without drugs".

During working on her albums Inna also collaborated with the other musicians in such different music styles as pop-rock, R'n'b, Jazz, club. All this experience she brings in her Music and her performance.

After the success of the first album's singles "Mine", "Hollywood" and "You fall" Inna began to work on a concert program "Feels like". A part of the show was successfully presented to the audience in December 2012 during the charity "Spielzeug für Kinder", organized by "World Vision".

2013 was a “Feels like” year for Inna. After releasing the album and the music video Inna performed performed her songs with the fantastic dancers of the dance-crew “Secret” on the different stages in Europe and in Russia.

2014 Inna and her band present the brand new sound of “Feels like” and yet unreleased titles. The super Drum-Power from Michel Argast, the unbelievable piano play from Marc Glaser, the fantastic guitar from Walter Sarbach, Inna's powerful energy and unforgettable personal nuances in each of her songs – all this makes “Feels like” to an amazing music experience that nobody should miss.

As always all the albums and singles from Inna Siegrist are to get on I Tunes, Amazon and at other online stores.